How Can I Say for Schools

Want to stand out from the rest of the pack? Use How Can I Say to power your entire school, and students will notice the difference immediately. Embed the price in your tuition, or charge separately, it’s your call. Use How Can I Say as your main syllabus, or as complementary activities.

I love How Can I Say! The exercises are great, and I can use my smartphone to study at home. We have a forum just for our class, where we can chat and talk about our school activities.
Greice Silva

Amazing resources at your fingertips:

Irregular Verbs

Interactive Videos

Interactive Vocabulary

Check out some of the features:

Structured Courses

  • Three levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced
  • Dynamic interactivity
  • Great variety of oral and written exercises
  • Student Progress and Report Cards


  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards and rankings
  • Learning games: crosswords and hangman
  • Vocabulary enriching activities


  • Specific groups for each course
  • Segmented discussion forums
  • Customized teacher or school branding on course, group and forum pages
  • Private and public messaging
Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Sign up as an affiliate, and make some extra cash. Your students get 20 percent off every purchase, and you get a minimum ten percent commission. The more you sell, the higher your commission.



Worry less about preparing your lessons and more about helping your students with their personal needs. Use precious class time to work on specific issues your students have, and let them do the activities at home.



Repeat the lessons as many times as you want, in any order you want, whenever you want. Need more content? Let's hear what you have to suggest. Use courses as standalone or complementary material.


Assine hoje e ganhe acesse a todos estes !

Cursos Gratuitos:

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Cursos Premium:

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Cursos Especiais:

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Additional information

Interactive Videos

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Vocabulary Flash Cards

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Irregular Verbs

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Retell the Story

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