Fire on Maple Street Chapter 07

Answer the questions to test your comprehension:

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Chapter Seven

Please watch the video and answer the multi-choice questions before reading

After the kids called the police station, their mother asked them to go to the supermarket to get some things for dinner. They were glad to go and forget about the fires for a few minutes.

As they passed the Ozimer Camera store, Juan remembered the pictures he had there. They stopped to see if they were ready. Mr. Ozimer received them with his usual friendliness. “You’re getting better all the time, Juan. I looked your pictures over, and most of them are pretty good,” he said.

They told him about Mr. Cantell. He shook his head. “I think you’re going to get into trouble. Let the police handle it.” “But we’re only helping the police,” answered Juan. “They already have too much to do. Anyway, I have an idea. I’m going to need some film. I want to prove that Mr. Cantell is setting these fires. The next time he tries to set a fire I’m going to take a picture of him.”

Mr. Ozimer didn’t have the kind of film that Juan needed there in the store, so he went down into the basement to get it. He closed the door behind him. A minute later the phone rang. The children didn’t know what to do. Juan walked to the basement door, opened it and called Mr. Ozimer.

“Get out!” shouted Mr. Ozimer angrily. “Shut that door!”. Juan shut the door and stared at his sister. Mr. Ozimer had never been like that before! He came up the stairs and answered the phone. His face was red and he was frowning. He picked up the telephone. “What? No! Wrong number!”

Then he turned to the kids. His frown disappeared and his usual smile came back.

“Sorry for shouting like that. It’s only that the basement needs to be cleaned. It’s dangerous to move around there! Here’s your film, Juan. Good luck with it!”

The kids didn’t say a word until they were outside. “That’s strange! He was like another person,” said Carmen. “He must be worried about the fires. His store could be the next to burn down.”

As they entered the supermarket, an old woman was shouting at the store manager, “You can’t throw me out of here!”


  1. Aonde a Sra. Lopez pediu que as crianças fossem? Por quê?
  2. Elas gostaram de ir ao supermercado? Por quê?
  3. Do que Juan se lembrou ao passar pela loja do Sr. Ozmer?
  4. O que fizeram?
  5. Como que o Sr. Ozmer os recebeu?
  6. O que ele falou sobre as fotos de Juan?
  7. Qual foi sua reação quando lhe contaram sobre Sr. Cantell?
  8. Por que Juan queria comprar filme?
  9. Por que Sr. Ozmer desceu ao porão?
  10. Por que Juan abriu a porta do porão?
  11. O que Sr. Ozmer fez?
  12. Por que as crianças se assustaram tanto?
  13. Qual foi sua explicação?
  14. Qual motivo Carmen deu?
  15. O que aconteceu ao entrarem no supermercado?

Arrange the events in the order they happened:


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