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Evitando as Brasileiradas

Tome um café… Nunca diga: Take some coffee!

Have some coffee...

  • Use have for solids and liquids

Take some coffee

  • Only use "take" for medicine or ... poison!!

 It is very common for Brazilians to say, "Take some coffee," or "Take some ice-cream." However, the best verb, whether for solids or liquids, is the verb "have."

The best verb, for solids and liquids, is the verb have.

Check out these examples:I had meat for lunch.

  • I had a glass of juice.
  • I had a snack in the afternoon.

Now, let’s talk about meals. Besides "have," you can I love to have (eat) a I had (ate) lunch late yesterday.

  • I’d already had (eaten) dinner. 
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