Your Daily Dose of English

Your Daily Dose of English

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Evitando as Brasileiradas

Tome um café…

Have some coffee...

  • Use have for solids and liquids

Take some coffee

  • Only use "take" for medicine or ... poison!!

A very common mistake Brazilians make is to say, "Take coffee," "Take some ice-cream.

The best verb, both for solids and liquids, is "have."

Check out these examples:

  • I had meat for lunch.
  • I had a glass of juice.
  • I had a snack in the afternoon.

The verb take is used for medicine. It can also be used for poison or drugs.

Now, let’s talk about meals. Besides "have," you can also use the verb "eat."

  • I love to have (eat) a big breakfast.
  • I had (ate) lunch late yesterday.
  • I’d already had (eaten) dinner.

"Breakfast" and "lunch" are verbs, but are rarely used. In the case of "dinner," we have the verb "to dine," but it is also very rarely used.

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