Your Daily Dose of English – April 19, 2018

Idiom of the Day

To Chill Out

 To relax. Slow down.

(Relaxa, meu!)

Evitando as brasileiradas:

Pedir para experimentar roupa: “Can I try this on?



That Annoying Dude? The Friend I didn’t Know I Had

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Source: Thomas McFall, Sunnyskyz 

In the Management Course I am taking, I always sit in the same seat in the front every day. Every single day I sit in the same seat. Some foreign guy who barely speaks English sits next to me.

This guy is always piling every item he owns on my desk: his bag, his food, his books, his phone are ALWAYS right on my desk space.

Every single time I walk into class, the guy says, “Ah, Tom, You here. Okay.” And starts frantically clearing my desk of his belongings. He then says, “Ready for class, yeah?” And gives me a high five. Every day, this guy gives me a high five.

Who wants to high five at 8 o’clock in the morning? You have no idea how this bothered me. Until today.

Today, I was running a few minutes late. I was standing outside because I had to send a quick text. Just as I was about to go in, another guy who was also late walked into the class and tried to take my seat, since it was the closest to the door. But the foreign guy stops him and says, “Sorry. My good friend Thomas sits here.”

That’s when I realized he wasn’t putting stuff on my desk to annoy me. He was saving the seat for me every morning!


Dose of the Day

Always é um advérbio de frequência. Está sempre ligado a rotinas, e hábitos; em outras palavras, ao Simple Present Tense.

Vejamos alguns exemplos:

→ I always start work at 7

→ They always have lunch together.

Dessa forma, não é normal associarmos o always com o Verb To Be. A não ser que:

Always usado com o Verb To Be tem uma conotação de irritação.

Quando alguém tem um hábito que nos irrita (veja o verbo annoy no conto de hoje), usamos To Be com always.

Vejamos alguns exemplos:

Ele está sempre roendo as unhas: He is always biting his nails.

Ela está sempre reclamando que ele roe as unha: She is always complaining that he bites his nails.

What about you? What annoys you? What ticks you off?

Now do these exercises:

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