Your Daily Dose of English – April 18, 2018

Idiom of the Day

To Storm Out

 To leave a place angrily.

(Sair batendo o pé)

Evitando as brasileiradas:

Estou com dor de cabeça: “I have a headache”


Little Girl Gives Lesson in Honesty

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Source: Jay Abington, Sunnyskyz 

I was driving up to my friends’, about two hours from my place. After about 30 minutes, I was next to this car on my left and I got this feeling somebody was looking at me or something, so I looked over and there was a little girl, about 8 or 9 years old, who smiled and waved at me. Naturally I waved back and continued on my way.

About 40 minutes later, I pulled off the highway to get some gas. When I went in to pay, I fumbled around trying to find the 20 bucks I was sure I had in my pocket, but I couldn’t find it. Just then I heard this little voice say, “Excuse me, sir. Are you looking for this?”

I turned around and it was the same little girl holding out her hand with 20 dollars in it. I was puzzled, and she must have known by the look on my face. She said, “You dropped it when you paid the guy at the toll.”

I was amazed! I looked outside and her dad was parked right in front. He smiled and waved. I turned back to her and said, “Well, thank you very much, young lady.”

She answered politely, “You’re welcome.”

I asked her to hang on for a second and got 10 dollars’ worth of gas. Then I turned and said to her, “Tell you what. I’ll split it with you. Where I come from, it pays to be honest.”

She smiled and waved the ten-dollar bill at her dad as we walked out the door. I walked over and opened her door and as she got in, I said, “That is some special girl you have there, sir.”

He looked at her with pride in his eyes and said, “Yep, that’s my girl. She was adamant that I catch up with you so she could return your money.”

I said, “Young lady, you made my day! Thank you.”

Dose of the Day

Hoje vamos aproveitar a “brasileirada” do dia para dar mais uma Shortmire Rule:

O americano não está com nada, mas tem tudo. O brasileiro está com tudo, mas não tem nada.

Não! Não estamos falando de bens materiais ou diferenças sociais. É uma pequena regra para ajudar a evitar as brasileiradas.

Veja o exemplo acima: Estou com dor de cabeça: I have a headache. Nunca diga: I am with a headache.

Suponhamos que esteja chovendo. “Tudo bem, estou com meu guarda-chuva aqui”: “That’s o.k. I have my umbrella here.”

Vejamos outro exemplo. “Estou de carro”: “I have my car.”

Veja a diferença: I have a car (Eu sou dono de um carro, embora talvez não esteja aqui agora). I have my car (Estou de carro, ele está aqui comigo).


Importante: essas regras são apenas dicas gerais. Não podem ser levadas a ferro e fogo! “Ah, o Prof. Shortmire disse, e tá falado!”

Now do these exercises:

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