Your Daily Dose of English – March 27, 2018

Friends in Low Places

Friends in Low Places - Text

This is a true story. The source has been protected for obvious reasons.

Source: Anonymous

I have some neighbors who moved in about a year ago. They have a big family, and on the weekends, they love to make a barbecue. And they love to listen to very loud music. And, in my opinion, the worst kind of music. I tried asking them to lower the volume, because it was bothering us. They are very rude, and they used to live in the outskirts of the city, in the slums, and they are real scumbags. My family is very peaceful and we always mind our own business. And we have lived here for many years.

The other day, I was working out in the gym, and I met a man who used to live in that house. I told him about the problem, and I asked for the landlord’s phone number). This ex-neighbor and his wife are nice people. But his profession is far from nice. He runs the drug traffic in the area. He was very upset when he heard about my problem. He didn’t give me the landlord’s phone number, because he didn’t have it. The landlord is also involved in the drug traffic in the area, too.

A few days later, the landlord was driving down my street and he saw the neighbors making a barbecue, with the music blaring at full volume.

Two weekends ago, on Sunday, my neighbor’s wife called on me. I was puzzled. I had stopped talking to them because I was very pissed off. She apologized for the loud music and for bothering us. Their landlord told them to stop bothering the neighborhood, because that was not the place for it.

She told me that the landlord had given them an ultimatum. “Stop, or get out.” I said that I didn’t have anything against them, but they were bothering the whole neighborhood. She asked me to tell her if the music ever bothered us again, “but please, don’t tell the landlord.”

Last Saturday, I talked with my former neighbor and thanked him for talking to the landlord about the problem. He said, “If you ever need anything, talk to us, if they don’t stop, we will take it to the guys at the top.” (I don’t want to know who these guys are…)

Well, for the last three weekends, we can hear ourselves breathing again.

Dose of the Day

What’s the difference between “ago” and “later” in time expressions?

“A week ago” is a week before the time of speaking, “a week later” is a week after a reference mentioned in a narrative.

Check it out:

→ I went to Germany two months ago. A week later, I was back in Brazil. Considering the date of this post as the time of speaking, you went to Germany on January 9th, and came back to Brazil on January 16th (one week after the reference point – two months ago – established in the narrative.

Not too hard, is it?

Now do these exercises:

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