News Tidbits For March 24, 2018

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Brazilian Scenario

por Peter Walker | News Tidbits for March 24, 2018

Source: Globo

World Scenario

por Peter Walker | News Tidbits for March 24, 2018

Source: The New York Times

→ Demonstrators flooded streets across the globe in public protests against gun violence that emerged after the recent massacre at South Florida High School. The main march took place in Washington, but sister marches occurred in Paris, Berlin, London, Mumbai and Tokyo.

France is mourning Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltram, who died of his injuries after swapping places with a hostage held in a supermarket by a gunman claiming allegiance to the Islamic State. The officer spent about two hours inside the Super U Market facing the gunman, Radouane Lakdim, a 25-year-old French citizen born in Morocco, officials said. After the police heard gunshots, they rushed into the market and killed Mr. Lakdim. Colonel Beltrame, 44, who had been “seriously injured” by gunfire, the police said, died overnight of his injuries.

Economic Scenario

por Peter Walker | News Tidbits for March 23, 2018

Source: The New York Times

→ Internet companies like Facebook and Google were built on a model in which people gave up their information for free services. Now, that idea is under attack by governments around the world.

→  The fight between the United States and China is turning into a cold-war for global technological dominance. It is affecting the high-tech realm, as the world’s two biggest economies have each become increasingly protective of their own cutting-edge industries. And the rising tensions could further undercut American influence in a huge and fast-changing market.

Japan’s Prisons Become Haven for Elderly Women

por Peter Walker | News Tidbits for March 23, 2018

Source: Bloomberg

Japan has begun to deal with an unexpected problem: senior crime. With the worlds’s oldest population (27.3 percent of its citizens are 65 or older), complaints involving elderly people, especially women, are increasing more than in any other group.

Their crimes are usually minor—9 in 10 senior women who’ve been convicted were found guilty of shoplifting. Why have so many elderly women resorted to petty theft?

In a 2017 survey, the Tokyo government discovered that more than half of those caught stealing live alone, and say they have nobody to turn to. Even those who do live with someone say they don’t really feel at home. And many of them struggle with financial problems. This has led these women to consider jail a haven, providing a sense of community and stability.

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