That’s Just Me

[Verse 1] I prefer the fiddle to the violin
And I tend to think that super models are too thin
And I think that who you are is who you ought to be
But that’s just me
The best of Andy Griffith was in black and white
Fishing still beats working if you never get a bite
And coffee’s kind of pointless without caffeine
But that’s just me

[Chorus] And I believe in little that I hear and only half of what I see
And I believe that living by the book is harder than it used to be
And I’m convinced that loving you is going to be the secret to my longevity
But that’s just me [Verse 2] I’ve never seen a place that I like more than home
When I go to the movies I don’t take a telephone
And I’ll buy the gas but you ought to get the air for free
But that’s just me
I’ve never even been to Mars but I’m a man
And I accept the fact that women are just hard to understand
And I think that people take themselves to seriously
But that’s just me
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