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Learning English with TV Shows

A Trace of Murder

Episódios do filme com o famoso detetive Columbo. Um episódio por semana. Se você quiser acessar os episódios anteriores, compre o curso A Trace of Murder.


The Road Trip

A pleasant outing in the country is almost ruined, because the travelers forgot one tiny little detail. Also in this post: Study the use of “manage” versus “could.” Do you know how to say “acostamento” in English? What about the phrasal verb “run out”? What does it mean?

The beautiful devil's bridge in Wales
Learning English with TV Shows

The Devil’s Bridge

A short anecdote from the popular British series Hinterland. Do you know how to say “morrendo de medo” in English? What does the expression “how come” mean?


Robert Needs Money Episode 01

Learn English with this great excerpt from Everybody Loves Raymond. Also in this post: prepositions and expressions of time. What about the expression: “To make both ends meet”? Have you ever heard this?

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