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A sum of money saved for the future


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No Centro: Downtown


The Impatient Beggar

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A True Story

I worked as an employee for many years, but my dream was to open a restaurant. My passion was cooking and everybody said my food was delicious. Finally, I managed to save up a nest egg, and my wife and I opened a small restaurant downtown. After a few weeks, we had a good number of customers.
My wife and I were also concerned about the large number of beggars there were downtown. Since there always was food leftover, we began to hand it out to the homeless before closing.
One day, a gentleman came in, sat down at a table and asked for food. I informed him that we would hand out the free meals at 2:30 p.m.
“You don’t understand,” he answered. “I am not a beggar. I am unemployed, I am in a hurry and I can’t wait.”

Dose of the Day

Vamos aproveitar a história de hoje para darmos várias dicas.

A primeira dica fala do verbo manageSe olharmos no dicionário, veremos que a definição principal tem a ver com gerenciar, de onde vem a palavra manager. 

Agora veja a definição secundária:

Succeed in surviving or in attaining one’s aims, especially against heavy odds.

Em outras palavras: conseguir sobreviver ou atingir o alvo, especialmente em face de circunstâncias adversas. No texto diz: “We managed to save up a nest egg(Conseguimos ajuntar um pé-de-meia).

Vejamos alguns exemplos:

  • A porta estava emperrada, mas consegui abri-la: The door was stuck, but I managed to open it.
  • Havia muito trânsito, mas consegui chegar a tempo: There was some heavy traffic, but I managed to arrive in time.


A segunda dica fala da palavra downtown. Em inglês americano, essa palavra significa o centro comercial da cidade. Porém, como normalmente é usado como advérbio, dispensa-se o uso de qualquer preposição. Vejamos alguns exemplos:

  • Fui ao centro de carro: I drove downtown.
  • Estou no centro: I am downtown.
  • A loja fica no centro: The store is downtown.


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